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This is a small collection of resources and ideas for better social interaction among emancipatoric people, partly in english and partly in german language.


  • tools
    • meetmint is a tool for taking notes during a meeting and getting the meeting minutes together with auto-generated summaries (like who is to do what) as html (e.g. for sending via email). It runs in a recent firefox webbrowser and probably also other recent browsers. Data are stored on the local filesystem.

electronic communication



theory and practice

etwas zum thema utopie und theorie und praxisverknüpfung:

Eduardo Galeano once observed that “Utopia is on the horizon: I walk two steps, it takes two steps back. I walk ten steps and it is ten steps further away. What is utopia for? It is for this, for walking.” What then is theory for? It is a question that is best answered through walking, through a constant process of circulation and movement that we begin here, following in the footsteps of many who have come before us. (aus: constituent imagination, S. 33)

links / other materials
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