Creating A Floral Garden

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Creating A Floral Garden

Nowadays most urban area gardens have turned from a source of fresh food into a statement of the good taste and sense of aesthetics of their caretaker and owner. Even more, quite often they are the first thing one sees when visiting a home or business. And because first impression is of great importance, every gardener, be it a professional or an enthusiast, aims at giving a cheerful, fresh vibe to his green patch.

By putting some thought and creativeness in the preparation of the garden, as well as the choice of plants, anyone can enjoy beautiful floral displays. The preparation begins with deciding on the visuals. This means in which general areas should the flowers be, as well as their colours. The rule of thumb is that the garden must complement, but at the same time provide a fresh contrast to the surrounding buildings. Following is the choice of specific plants to have and their possible combinations. Through a smart mix of annuals and perennials the premises can enjoy vivid, flourishing colours over a period of time that stretches way beyond the standard blooming of a single species. Some artificial outdoor plants can also be a nice touch. They can easily be rearranged without worries of damaging their roots, do not run to seed and are often more affordable than their exotic living originals.

The next step is getting acquainted with the requirements of each species and finding the perfect spot for the flowers according to their needs. It is a well known fact that some like a lot of direct sunlight, while others prefer the shades. The same goes for wind exposure, sitting and many other criteria.

When this is dealt with, it is time to decide on the flower beds and borders. The options here are practically endless and going for the right one is crucial in regards to the health of the plants. The beds can be straight or curved lines, squares or circles, letters, numbers, pretty much any shape. The same goes for the borders. They can vary from a simple trench between the lawn and the beds, flowers in contrasting colours to a mix of gravel and terra cotta shreds from old pots or even high end edgings that convey a feel of luxury. Even some arches can be added, if the bed includes climbing plants. Handmade or bought, borders are vital for arranging a good looking and robust garden. For example if the flowers need better drainage than the soil can offer, a raised bed with a stone or wooden edging is probably the best option to go for. It will lead the excessive damp away, plus it will be easier to keep clean from weeds. In this case the border will not only keep the shape of the bed, but also act as a highly effective weed barrier. When preparing the soil for planting, it is important to dig a foot and a half or two feet deep, break up the big lumps and put some fertilizer at the bottom, to ensure faster and stronger growth. A flat blade shovel, a half moon edger and the so called lawn shark will prove to be very helpful instruments when creating and shaping the borders of the beds.

Maintenance is also important and needs to be done on a regular basis. This covers watering, fertilizing, pest protection, weeding, edging and any other task that might be required for the well being of the plants. This is the only way to ensure that the floral displays, created witch care and devotion, will stay vibrant and beautiful for as long as possible.

Although it can sometimes be an overwhelming responsibility, having such an oasis to freshen up the exterior of the home or place of business is always rewarding and does not go unnoticed by both guests and clients. Equally, if not even more important is the feeling of serenity and relaxation that spreads to everyone that comes in contact with it. This is something that most of us are only aware of on a subconscious level, but is definitely there. Whether created and taken care of personally or by a hired professional, the basics for a good looking garden are the same. It starts with the idea of what it has to look like, then come the desired flowers, be it living or artificial outdoor plants, their arrangement in the available space through the best suitable shapes and sizes of flower beds and borders, and last, but not least maintenance.